List of Publication 2013

No. Name Type of Publication Publication Co-author Title
1 Nurul Iman Journal indexed Evidence-Based Complemetary and Alternative medicine Journal DR. QODRIYAH HJ MOHD SAAD, DR. KAMISAH YUSOF, PROF. DR. KAMSIAH JAARIN Virgin coconut oil prevents blood pressure elevation and improves endothelial functions in rats fed with repeatedly heated palm oil
2 Zulfahmi Said Journal indexed Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology LATIFAH SAIFUL YAZAN, HAIRUSZAH ITHNIN, NURDIN ARMANIA The improvement of in VIVO model (Balb/C Mice) for cervical carcinogenesisi using diethylstillbestrol (DES)
3 Zulfahmi Said Journal indexed Journal of Ethnopharmacology NURDIN ARMANIA, LATIFAH SAIFUL YAZAN, SITI NOORHIDAYAH MUSA, INTAN SAFINAR ISMAIL, JHI BIAU FOO, KIM WEI CHAN, HUSAIN NOREEN, ABDUL HAMID HISYAM Dillenia suffruticosa exhibited antioxidant and cytotoxic activity through induction of apoptosis and G2/M cell cycle arrest
4 Zulfahmi Said Proceeding 2nd IGCS Regional Meeting on Gynecologic Cancers LATIFAH SAIFUL YAZAN, HAIRUSZAH ITHNIN, NURDIN ARMANIA In vitro cytotoxic effects of dillenia suffruticosa extracts against cervical cells (Hela)
5 Dr. Normaliza A Malik Journal indexed Sains Malaysiana PROF DATO’DR WAN MNWO, M-HANIFAH R,  Microbial contamination level of water supply system at the Faculty of Dentistry, USIM, Malaysia.
6 Dr. Normaliza A Malik Proceeding International Conference on Teaching and Learning Education (ICTLE'13) Dr A. Hamid, Prof Townsend GC, M Yatim S, Siti Nur Rasyidah Md Ramli Perception of the first Dental graduates from USIM on their competence
7 Dr. Haslinda Ramli Proceeding ISBN: 978-969-9347-15-3 International conference on innovation challenges in Multidisciplinary research & Practice ICMRP 2013 Dr Azrul Hafiz Abdul aziz Esthetic consideration in conjuction with periodontic and othodontic approaches in Class III gingival recession: A case report
8 Dr. Haslinda Ramli Proceeding ISBN: 978-969-9347-15-3 International conference on innovation challenges in Multidisciplinary research & Practice ICMRP 2013 Dr Norlela Yacob Aesthetic correction of bony defect with multidisciplinary approach: A case report
9 Prof. Dato’ Dr. Wan Mohamad Nasir Wan Othman  Proceeding Regional Seminar on Islamic Higher Education Institutions (SeIPTI), Brunei.  - Integrating revealed knowledge (naqli) and rational science (aqli) in the design of a dental curriculum. 
10 Dr. Khairiyah  Proceeding International Dental Conference on “Caries Throughout Life in Asia”, Krabi, Thailand.  Prof. Ato’ Dr. Wan, MN, Yaw, SL and Noriza, I  Malaysia: Country Report on    Dental Caries. 
11 Dr Aspalilah Journal   K.W.Choy, S.Kogilavani, M.Norshalizah, S. Rani, H.S. Farihah, O.Faizah, A.G.Norzana, S.Das Anomalous structures of the liver: An anatomical insight
12 Dr Aspalilah Alias Proceeding Autralasian Institute of Anatomical Sciences. Coogee Beach Australia. Kamaruddin A, R.Li, F.Othman, R.Yusof, F.Hussain Liver histological deterioration following paracetamol toxixity is attenuated by polysaccharides of Psidium guajava (guava) fruits supplementation.
13 Dr. Haslinda Ramli Biopreservation and biobanking. 2013;11(2):A-24 The International Society of Biological and Environmental Repositories Annual Meeting 2013 RD Vaithilingam, W.N.Ghani, L.P.Karen-Ng, N.M.Bahari, N.Shahruddin, S.H.Safii, N.Baharuddin, F.Ariffin, M.H.Hidayat, S.Cheong, R.B.Zain Challenges in Managing a Biobank for Research: The Sharing of Experience.
14 Dr. Nazatul Sabariah Ahmad.    Proceeding  2nd MAPD Biennial Scientific Conference and Trade Exhibiton.  9-11th March 2013   Root resorption of reimplanted avulsed permanent teeth: A case report.
15 Dr. Nazatul Sabariah Ahmad.    Malaysian Dental Journal Special Edition  Oral Presentation at 35th Asia Pacific Dental Congress, 7th- 12th May 2013. S.Parekh. Gender differences in Dental Development Timing of Permanent Teeth. 
16 Dr. Nazatul Sabariah Ahmad.    International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, Volume 23- Suppl.1 June 2013. ISSN 09607439   D.Moles, S.Parekh.  A study of dental development timings for permanent teeth using radiographs. 
17 Dr. Nazatul Sabariah Ahmad.    Clinical Practice Guidelines/ Book Oral Health Division, Ministry Of Health Malaysia. 2nd Edition, June 2013.   Management of Anterior Crossbite In The Mixed Dentition