Syarahan Perdana Profesor-The Unsung Heroines

The second series of Syarahan Perdana Profesor in USIM with the title of “The unsung heroines: A tribute to dental nurse” was held on 18th May 2015 in Dewan Kuliah Utama, FPQS USIM. For the first time, it was conducted by the Faculty of Dentistry USIM in corporate with Stracommn, Penerbit USIM, and Bahagian Pengurusan Akademik. The glorious occasion started with welcoming speech by our beloved Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Dr Musa Ahmad.  Almost all the seats in the hall were packed with dental nurses, USIM’s lectures, specialist and dental students.

The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr Haslinda Ramli introduced the speaker with multimedia presentation reflected the contribution and achievement by the speaker. The speaker was our founding dean of Faculty of Dentistry USIM, Prof. Dato’ Dr Wan Mohamad Nasir Wan Othman.

He joined USIM in October 2006 soon after retirement from Ministry of Health (MOH) which he served for 30 years. His last position in the MOH was the Director of Oral Health Division and Registrar of the Malaysian Dental Council. In his past career, he holds many important positions such as Vice-chairman, Public Health Section, World dental federation (FDI) from 2002 to 2006. Currently, he is a member of Malaysian Dental Council, member of dental Public Health Sub-Committee of the National Specialist Register and several other professional bodies.

The unsung heroines: A tribute to dental nurse was dedicated to honour the devotion work of dental nurse from all over the country. Unique to Malaysia and few other countries, dental nurse is an operating dental auxiliary and were equivalent to dental therapist. Their duties are simple and repetitive dental procedure confined to school children of less than 12 years old. Their contribution to the oral health care are outstanding and could be consider as an important key in the government school  health services.

Congratulation to Prof Dato’ Dr Wan Mohamad Nasir!


The Taaruf Session for New Dental Students 2015/2016 was held on 10th September 2015. 34 students from various academic and social backgrounds had register as our new family members. The objective of the session is to introduce them to the faculty members (academician and administrative staff) in order to facilitate them with their daily campus live.

The session kicked off at 2.00 pm with short briefing from Year 1 coordinator, Dr Nadia Halib and followed by welcoming speech from the Dean, Dr Haslinda Ramli. Subsequently, the highlight of the session followed where every faculty staff and the students introduced themselves stating their name and hometown. It is hope that the sessions will initiate the bonding of ukhwah. May all the students strive through towards success as an abrar dentists.


A Visit From Jordan University of Science and Technology

On 2nd of June 2015, 30 Malaysian students who are studying in Jordan of Science and Technology (JUST), Jordan, visited Faculty of Dentistry (FPg), USIM. The aims of the visit were to know the structure of the dental program organized by FPg and to make a relationship between these 2 faculties. They also want to know regarding dental fiqh seminar that had been conducted by FPg last month. The students involved were the fourth year dental students from JUST, FPg students and a few lecturers and staff from FPg.  In the morning session, the dental staff of FPg brought them to visit the dental school, dental clinics, classes, and laboratory, followed by a lecture given by Dr. Nazirah Ab. Mumin in related to career in dentistry.

In the afternoon session, a welcoming speech was given by Dr. Norazlina Mohamad who represents the dean of FPg and followed by a lecture and forum on "Fiqh Pergigian" given by Dr.Aspalilah Alias and Dr. Nurjehan Mohamed Ibrahim. During the forum, the students had a chance to ask the panelists. The panelists also shared their experience on the “Seminar Kebangsaan Fiqh Pergigian” organized by USIM FPg last month. 

All in all, this was considered as a fruitful visit, as both students from USIM and JUST had the chance to meet and exchange ideas. Hopefully the ukhuwah will be further blossomed between JUST and USIM students. 

We humbly thank the students from JUST for the visit, and hopefully can get a chance to meet again in the future, Insya Allah.