A trip to India

Never expected what to see, feel and hear what Bengalore have to offer, we brace for a 5 days program to India. The whole batch of year four (30 students) together with 3 lecturers and a staff participated in our annual internationalisation programme to India from the 3rd of November 2014 to 7th of November 2014. For some of the students, the programme was an eye opener to the lifehood of the poorest and the richest people in India. The different culture and the diverse people of India have carved a lovely smile on our face wherever we go. The local food which was initially a bit spicy for our palate turn out to be very tasty and addictive.

The adventurous journey started on the 3rd November 2014 from KLIA2 to Bangalore Airport. From there, an air-condition bus were waiting to transfer us to GRT Estancia Hotel in Salem, which took around 5 hours drive. The journey was smooth and comfortable without any incidents.

Dr Azrul, Dr Yasmin and Dr Aisyah with some of the students.


On the first day, we were treated for a pleasant sightseeing on hill top resort of Yercaud Lake. A cool breeze of wind and a magnificent view of Salem have made the trip into a luxurious holiday for us. 

Dr Yasmin, Dr Azrul and Pn Roseda at Yercaud Lake


The next day, we joined a community service organized by the Vinakaya Mission’s Sankachariyar Dental College (VMSDC). Oral screening, oral hygiene instructions and oral health promotion were some of the activities conducted for the health camp.

Oral screening were conducted by the clinicians from VMSDC.

Some of the crowd at the community service

The hall where the community service was held.


On the third day, we were brought to the Vinakaya Mission’s Sankachariyar Dental College. There, we were given opportunities to observe the oral pathology and oral maxillofacial clinic. Luckily enough, we saw some syndromic patients which were interesting and educational.

Briefing were given by a specialist in VMSDC about a case.

On the last day, we meet fellow Malaysian doing dentistry in Penang International Dental College (PIDC), Salem. Their faculty was well equipped with the latest technology in dentistry. Before ending the tour, a mix of academic activities and culture performance were conducted between USIM, VMSDC and PIDC students.

A forum was held to share our knowledge with the students in Salem.


A performance by the year four students during the farewell dinner.


Before flying home, we stop at Bengalore for a bit of shopping, and city tour. In conclusion, the internationalization program is beneficial to the students and could promote USIM to the outside world. We hope that this program will continue in the future for the benefits of the students.

3M ESPE Case Presentation Crown Competition

The prestigious 3M ESPE Case Presentation crown competition was held on the 23rd May 2015 in 3M Customer Innovation Centre in Bukit Jelutong. The competition is based on clinical case presentation by the final year dental students in Malaysia. Participants were required to prepare a single crown case under the theme of "Flash That Smile". Participating universities were given materials and 3M ESPE products  for the crown preparation and need to complete the case within 6 months. Judgement marks will be given based on presentation as well as written case report. A total of 7 universities participated the competition which were, UKM, USM, AIMST, IMU, MAHSA, UiTM and USIM.

Participants, supervisors and judges.

Ms Noor Faradzela and her supervisor, Dr Wan Syariza represented USIM for the competition. Six of year four students were also sent to the competition as an early exposure and encouragement for them to participate in the competition next year.

Ms Noor Faradzela during her case presentation.

With her endless effort and hard work, her case report was announced as the  Best Case Report and second overall winner for the competition. USIM team has also won the CIC Quiz Challenge during the day. Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah. 

First place winner was from International Medical University and third place was from AIMST. 

Second place (overall), Best Written Case Report and the Winner for CIC Quiz Challenge.


Well done to USIM's Prosthodontic team! You have made us proud!! 



Seminar Kebangsaan Fiqh Pergigian

On the 9th of May 2015, the Faculty of Dentistry has organised a national conference on Dental Fiqh entitled " Seminar Kebangsaan Fiqh Pergigian". The conference was held in Dewan Besar USIM Nilai and was themed on "Celik Fiqh". The aim of the seminar was to act as a platform for discussions among the Fiqhs and dental specialists regarding issues related to Fiqh in dentistry. 
The seminar was officiated by Dr Ahmad Syarifuddin, one of the renowned dental specialist in the Ministry of Health.
A total of 700 participants participated in the events, which were mostly dental specialists, dentists, dental auxiliaries as well as the public. We were lucky to have Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan SS Datuk Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri as our keynote speaker. The other speakers were renowned dental specialists from USIM, public universities as well as the Ministry of Health, and also USIM's lecturers to discuss about Dental Fiqh.  
 Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan SS Datuk Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri during his keynote speech.
On behalf of the Chairperson and the faculty, we would like to extend our utmost appreciation to all committee members, the staff, students as well as all participants who attended our seminar. The faculty would like to congratulate the committee members for their hardwork in ensuring the smooth running of the event. 
Congratulations and Jazakallahu khairan kathira to all committee members!! Well done!