A group of USIM lecturers have won first prize in the Creative Idea Competition (Academic Category) held  during USIM Quality and Inovation Day 2017. The lecturers are from various faculties; Dr Ros Mahwati Ahmad Zakaria and Dr Siti Nor Azhani Mohd Tohar (Pusat Pengajian Teras), Dr Zatul Iffah’ Abu Hasan (FPSK) and our very own Dr Syathirah Hanim Azhar Hilmy and Dr Noor Akmar Nam (FPg). The group known as Khalifah USIM have presented an impressive concept to cater for the special needs students especially those that falls in autistic category. The same concept/idea have also won the New Idea/Project Competition held during Teaching and Learning Course last July 2017.

The Creative Idea Competition took place on 21st August 2017 with the theme “Tradisi Dipelihara, Inovasi Membara”. Every group was given 10 minutes to present and defend their concept. The Khalifah USIM group was challenged with another 7  participating groups. The award was presented by USIM Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Prof. Dr Roshada Hashim where the winners received RM500 and certificate of participation.

Congratulations to all team members!

Seminar: The Medically Compromised Dental Patients - Perspective of Physicians

Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Pathology & Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry USIM had successfully organized a national seminar entitled “The Medically Compromised Dental Patient – Perspective of Physicians”. The seminar was held on 12th and 13th August 2017 at Hotel Bangi – Putrajaya and was themed on “Unifying Patient Care”. The aim of the seminar was to gather and disseminate the latest knowledge in the management of medically compromised dental patients and delivery of a safe treatment in the dental office.

The seminar was officiated by Prof. Dr. Roshada Hashim, our Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation)

A total of 234 participants joined in the event which were mostly dental specialists, dental officers and dental students. Series of lectures given comprises all important aspects of internal medicine including cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, gastrointestinal, haematology, renal and communicable diseases. Apart from series of lectures, the seminar was to act as a platform for discussions with the respective physicians regarding management of medically compromised dental patients.


On behalf of the Chairperson and the faculty, we would like to extend our greatest appreciation to all committee members, the staff, students and participants who attended our two-day seminar. The faculty would like to congratulate the committee members for their hard work in ensuring the event running smoothly.


Congratulations to all committee members! Well done!!


The Faculty of Dentistry USIM had successfully organised a seminar entitled Periodontal Screening and Referral with the theme “Emphasising the Essentials” on 13th July 2017. It was a one-day seminar concerning basic screening procedures and periodontal referral protocol. The focus group was dental officers, dental therapists as well as dental students. The seminar was conducted by Department of Periodontology and Community Oral Health, Faculty of Dentistry, USIM. It was aimed to provide dental practitioners with knowledge on periodontal screening tools for patients with periodontal disease. Besides that, this seminar was intended to strengthen knowledge on the importance of periodontal referral to periodontal specialists in order to provide a comprehensive and systematic management of periodontal diseases.

The seminar managed to attract 49 participants from all over Malaysia.  The participants comprised of 21 dental officers, 3 dental therapists and 25 dental students. The seminar began with lecture by Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Wan Mohamad Nasir on current issues and challenges in assessment of periodontal disease in community. At about 11 pm the seminar continued with talk by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Badiah from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on the importance of Basic Periodontal Examination (BPE). Consecutively, a comprehensive video on how to perform BPE was projected to the audience. The morning session was completed by a comprehensive lecture on dilemma in periodontal referral and its management by Dr. Izrawatie Mardiana from Ministry of Health.

In the evening session, Dr. Azlan bin Jaafar delivered his speech on behavioural management in periodontic patients. The last session of the day was fulfilled with case discussion by Dr. Nor Haliza binti Mat Baharin and Dr. Wan Nur Alwani. Participants were given a chance to have a two way communications with the speakers relating to surgical and non-surgical management of periodontal disease throughout the 2 hours sessions. The program ended with some refreshment at about 5pm. 

The overall flow of the program was good as we received good feedback from participant’s evaluation form. 93% of them agreed that objectives of the seminar have been fulfilled and recommend few suggestions for future seminar. Last but not least, many thanks dedicated to faculty administration as well as sponsoring companies including QS Dental Supply, Wise Heritage, NK Luck, Altis Pro as well as Colgate for their support and contribution throughout the program.