Silver Medal: Melaka International Intellectual Exposition 2016

Securefit team, from Faculty of Dentistry USIM has represents University Sains Islam Malaysia to the Melaka International Intellectual Exposition 2016 on 7th to 8th December 2016. This exposition was held and organized at the University Technology Malaysia (UiTM), Melaka. The participant competing in this exposition includes IPTA, IPTS and secondary school from Malaysia. The team members are the year 5 students : Ammar Yaseer bin And Hakim and Nurul Amirah bt Yusof and is supervised by Dr Nor Azlina Ismail.


The Securefit group has presented their invention called Hydrooshooter. Hydroshooter acts as a distracter to reduce anxiety of paediatric patient when seeing the needle syringe. It also provides protection from needle prick injury as it is auto-recap. Besides, this product has its own special creation where it is lightweight, user friendly and cheap. Hydroshooter has been tried as an instrument to cover needle during local anaesthetic procedures in Paediatric Clinic, Faculty of Dentistry USIM that has been approved to be effective to reduce patient anxiety level during local anaesthetic procedures and as protection form needle prick injury. 

The team members and their innovation.


This project has been credited with silver medal during the Closing Ceremony. 



Well done & Congratulations Securefit team!!

Dental Health Carnival Usim 2017 At Sekolah Kebangsaan Gadong Jaya

Faculty of Dentistry USIM had organized a Dental Health Carnival for the community. We had successfully conducted a community service at Sekolah Kebangsaan Gadong Jaya, Negeri Sembilan on Sunday, 26th February 2017. The community service was participated by a total of 39 dental students, 7 lecturers and 8 staff members of the faculty.

Roughly, a number of 18 adults and 44 children went for the dental check-up meanwhile approximately 32 dental treatment for the adult and children had been performed by the dentists/lecturers. Each of the participants were given toothpaste for free and a consultation on oral health by clinical students. Besides that, demonstration on tooth brushing done to all children in order to educate them on an effective tooth brushing technique. We enticed them to participate in tooth brushing demonstration by providing free toothbrushes and toothpastes. In addition, indoor activities such as colouring contest and dental riddle had received an overwhelming responses from the children. The programme ended with prize giving ceremony.


Community Service for the Needy, Chow Kit Road

On Thursday, 26th January 2017, a number of representatives from Faculty of Dentistry USIM had joined a community service for the homeless at Chow Kit Road, Kuala Lumpur. The community service was conducted by Islamic Dental Association of Malaysia (IDAM). This program was participated by dentists from the government sectors and also private clinic, and 10 students from Faculty of Dentistry USIM. The goal for the participation of our students to this program was to enhance the ability of students to handle different types of patients, as well as to expose the students with challenge that might rise from the homeless. 

The programme started around 8.00 pm. After unloading all of the dental apparatus, instruments and equipment, a quick briefing was given as to smooth up the flow of the program by the director of the program. The students were assigned with specific tasks accordingly. The clinical students assisted their dentists in the dental check-up, whereas the preclinical students were assigned to handle the registration part and also to give oral hygiene instructions. The main objective was to enlighten the public on the education programmes offered bythe Faculty of Dentistry USIM.

Roughly, a number 50 homeless, who included kids and adults, went for the dental check-up performed by the dedicated dentists. In conjunction with 1st Anniversary of the program, representative media coverage from Media Prima was made as an appreciation to the whole team. The programme finished around 10.00 pm.