Community Service at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

On Saturday, 22nd January 2017, the Dental Faculty of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia had conducted a community service at Laman Dillenia, Nilai Impian. The community service was participated by a total of 10 dental students, two dentists, as well as 4 staff members of the faculty. This supplementary curricular activity has been organised in order to ameliorate personal development and to come up with a well-rounded education among students. The goal of this programme is to enlighten students in a non-academic curriculum, which is equally crucial in developing a well-balanced personality of a dentist. 

The programme started around 9.00 a.m. The whole crew departed from the university campus in Pandan Indah heading to Nilai Impian at 7.30 a.m. by the faculty bus. The students were assigned with specific tasks accordingly. The clinical students conduct the dental check-up and giving dental consultation to the residents whereas the preclinical students were assigned to handle the registration part and promote the faculty to the public. The main objective was to enlighten the public on the education programmes offered by the Faculty of Dentistry USIM.


Roughly, a number of 60 people and above, who included adults and children went for the dental check-up performed by the clinical students. Each of the participants were given toothpaste for free and a consultation on oral health by the clinical students.


At 1.30 p.m., the service ended. Even though the service was quite tiring and hectic, we were satisfied with the number of people who went for the dental check-up. It can be said that most of the objectives of the programme were achieved as each of the team members had given their best to make the service a success.