Dr Rohazila Mohamad Hanafiah - Lecturer

Dr Rohazila Mohamad Hanafiah
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Phone: 03-4289 ext:2546 

Academic qualification

PhD (Microbiology), Master in Science (Microbiology), Bachelor in Science (Microbiology)


Areas of specialization



Taught courses

Microbiology, Biochemistry, Research Project


Research areas

Molecular microbiology



Natural product


Research grants

1) Antibacterial Properties Of Holothuridea Atra(Sea Cucumber) Extracts Against Streptococcus Mutans In Dental Caries Formation

2) Anti-Biofilm and Anti-Adherence Activities Of Melastomata Malabayrichum Axtracts Againts Streptococcus Mutants

3) Isolation and serotyping of streptococcus mutans from teeth of dental students

4) Association between tamhidi pngk and muet score with academic performance among dental students usim

5) Antimicrobial Activity of Piper Sarmentosium (KADOK) Extracts Against Oral Bacteria




  •  Microbial contamination level of water supply system at the faculty of dentistry, USIM, Malaysia (Sains Malaysiana Volume 42 (1) 2013)

  • Cerapan mikroskopi dan analisis sitometri Streptococcus mutans yang ditindakkan denganekstrak batang Melastoma malabathricum (Malaysian Applied Biology 2014 (43) 2)

  • Crystal structure of bis­{2-[(E)-(4-fluoro­benz­yl)imino­meth­yl]phenolato-


    N,O}nickel(II) (Research Communications (70) 10 (2014).

  • Antibacterial and biofilm inhibition activities of Melastoma malabathricum stem bark extract against Streptococcus mutans Malaysian Journal of Microbiology, Vol 11(2) Special Issue 2015, pp. 199-206

  • Anti-biofilm and anti-adherence activities of sub fraction 18 of Melastoma malabathricum towards Streptococcus mutans. AIP Conference Proceedings 1614, 557 (2014).



1) Melastoma malabathricum stem bark extract inhibits biofilm formation, adherence activity and growth of s. mutans. Sixth Semester PhD Seminar (2015) UKM

2) Anti-biofilm and Anti-adherence Activities of Sub fraction 18 of Melastoma malabathricum towards Streptococcus mutans. 14th Post Graduate colloquium 2014. Ukm

3) Antibacterial activity of stem bark melastoma malabathricum on streptococcus mutans. International Congress of the Malaysian Society for Microbiology. 2013.ukm

4) Anti Biofilm And Anti Adherence Activity Of Melastoma malabatrichum Stem Bark Crudes Extracts Of Streptococcus Mutans. Malaysian Science Microbiology 2013.

5) Anti microbial activity of piper sarmentosum (kadok) methanol extract against oral bacteria. Simposium persatuan biologi gunaan malaysia ke-11.


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