1.1       Pass Tamhidi USIM (Medicine/ Dentistry/ Science and Technology) with CGPA of at    

     least  3.00 and above;


1.2       Pass Tamhidi USIM (Medicine/ Dentistry/ Science and Technology) with CGPA of at   

     least 3.00 in the three (3) of the following subjects:

            1.2.1     Biology;

            1.2.2     Chemistry;

            1.2.3     Physics or Mathematics


1.3        Pass SPM/Any other qualification equivalent with at least B in the following subjects:

            1.3.1     Biology;

            1.3.2     Chemistry;

            1.3.3     Physics;

            1.3.4     Mathematics or Additional Mathematics;

            1.3.5     Either ONE (1) other subject.


1.4        Obtained at least a Band 3 in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET);



1.5        Pass the interview;


1.6        All candidates must declare if they are found:

1.6.1     guilty of any criminal offence;

1.6.2     having physical illness or mental illness that is serious; and/or

1.6.3     having infectious disease that is serious

which might give an impact on their future medical practice.


1.7       One who has one of the following is not qualified to  undertake the medical program:     

1.7.1     found guilty in offences involving the human body;

1.7.2     dishonest whether in serious or new offences, for example cheating during examinations, document falsification, plagiarism;

1.7.3    physical or mental illness that is serious;

1.7.4     infectious disease that is serious.


The failure to declare information that has influence on the suitability of a student in the medical practice may cause the termination to continue studies because honesty, integrity and a clean bill of health are important traits for a doctor and a medical student.