List of Publication 2015

No. Name Type of Publication Year of Publication Co-author Title
1 Wan Mohamad Nasir Book 2015   The Unsung Heroines: A Tribute to Dental Nurses. Siri Syarahan Perdana. USIM. 
2 Wan Mohamad Nasir Book 2015 A. Hamid Mohamad, Norela Yacob, Haslinda Ramli, Aspalilah Alias Integration of Naqli and Aqli: Conceptual Framework of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery Programme, USIM, USIM.
3 Wan Mohamad Nasir   2015   Concept of Integration of Naqli and Aqli at the Faculty of Dentistry, USIM. Collaborative workshop on Leadership for Higher Education: A Vision from Islamic Perspective. Galeri Canselori, USIM.
4 Wan Mohamad Nasir Presentation 2015    Application of Taxonomy of Educational Objectives in Test Blueprint. Workshop on Development Test Blueprint. Faculty of Dentistry, USIM.
5 Wan Mohamad Nasir Presentation 2015   Constructing Test Blueprint. Workshop on Development Test Blueprint. Faculty of Dentistry, USIM.
6 Normaliza Abdul Malik Conference Proceeding 2015 C. McGrath., S. Mohamad Yatim, O.L.T. Lam, L. Jin, W.M.N. Wan Othman Oral-Care Provided by Stroke-Carers: Exploring the Theory of Planned Behaviour. International Association of Dental Research, Boston. 
7 Wan Mohamad Nasir Seminar 2015   Ethics and Professionalism in Dentistry from Islamic Perspective
8 Wan Mohamad Nasir Seminar 2015   Inculcating Passion for the University.
9 Wan Mohamad Nasir Conference Proceeding 2015   Development of a Model on Integration of Naqli and Aqli Knowledge in Research
10  Wan Mohamad Nasir Conference Proceeding   Haslinda Ramli, Nurul Izzah Idaham Assessment of Quality of life of periodontal disease patients using the validated Malay version of General Oral Health Assessment Index (GOHAI-Malay)
11 Aws Hashim Al-Kadhim  Jurnal? 2015 Sulaiman T, Nadzirin AF  A Study of Decision-Making Strategies for Resolving Common Ethical Dilemmas Encountered by Clinical Dental Students
12 Aws Hashim Alkadhim Jurnal 2015 Abd Latib AH, Nordin NF CBCT Diagnostic Application in Detection of Mesiobuccal Canal in Maxillary Molars and Distolingual Canal in Mandibular.  Molars: A Descriptive Study
13 Azrul Hafiz Abdul Aziz Conference Proceeding 2015 Noorlaila Samsudin, Noor Faradzela Mohamad,  The changes in eating pattern and weight of patients attending orthodontic clinic USIM. 
14 Azrul Hafiz Abdul Aziz Conference Proceeding 2015 A A. Diana Mat Zahid, Fitri Octavianti, Syiral MAstura, Ainuddin Yushar Yusuf, Zurairah Ibrahim.  Assessment of failure rate between molar bands, bondable tubes and bondable tubes with flowable composite. 
15 Azrul Hafiz Abd Aziz Conference Proceeding 2015   Assessment of failure rate between molar bands, bondable tubes and bondable tubes with flowable composite.
16 Azrul Hafiz Abd Aziz Conference Proceeding 2015   Halal authentication of dental material using rapid fourier infrared spectroscospy (FTIR) method
17 Nazatul Sabariah Ahmad Conference Proceeding 2015 Nor Anis Zullyana Zulkifli, Nor Amalina Zulkepre Knowledge And Management Of Traumatic Dental Injuries In Selected Klang Valley Primary School's Teachers
18 Wan Nor Syariza Wan Ali Conference Proceeding 2015   Overlay Denture : It’s Not Over Yet!
19 Nazatul Sabariah Ahmad Jurnal 2015 Norzalina Ghazali, Ahmad Dzulfikar Samsudin.  Caries Experience Among Children Attending Private Primary School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
20 Ahmad Dzulfikar Samsudin Jurnal 2015  Idham Hafize Supi, Awatif Asri. Prophylactic Removal of Impacted Third Molar: Is It Necessary? . 
21 Zurairah Ibrahim Jurnal 2015 Rishma Shah, Nigel Hunt, Kris Gellynck.  Endogenous IGF-I Production by Exercised Skeletal MuscleConstruct; Effects of Different Strain Regimes.
22 Nusima Mohamed Jurnal 2015 Julian David Satterthwaite, Nick Silikas.  Polymerisation Shrinkage-Stress of Bulk-fill Resin Based Composite
23 Wan Nur Alwani Bt Wan Abdul Aziz Jurnal 2015 Rathna DeviVaithilingam, Wan Himratul Aznita Bt Wan Harun, KaruthanChinna, Nursolehah Bt Shahruddin, Vincent Chong.  Effect of Scaling and Root Debridement versus Oral HygieneInstructions on Periodontal status, CRP Levels and P. gingivalisProfile of Adults with Chronic Periodontitis
24 Norlela Yacob Jurnal 2015 Ahmad Akmal Ahmad Saberi, Engku Nor NadiaT. Muhamud.  “Salvadora Persica” as An Oral Aids for Edentulous Arch
25 Azrul Hafiz Abdul Aziz Jurnal 2015 Muhammad Hanif Mohd Rasid White Spot Lesion among Patients
26 John Keat Hon Chong Jurnal 2015 Ahmad Dzulfikar Samsudin, Liana Ma Which Irrigants to Use for Surgical Removal of Wisdom Tooth?
27 Nalisha Mohamed Ramli Jurnal 2015 Mualimin Mochammad Sahid, Nik Salida Suhaila Nik Salleh, Haslinda Ramli, Nadia Halib, Nor Azura Ahmad Tarmidzi, Nur Akilah Abdul Ghaffar, Wan Abdul Fattah Wan Ismail dan Shoffian Ahmad.  Klef Orofasial: Panduan Prinsip Fiqh Dalam Perancangan Rawatan.
28 Rina Haryani Osman Basah Jurnal 2015 Farida Hussan, Mohd Rafizul Mohd Yusof, Nur Aqilah Kamariddin, Faizah Othman.  Plantago major treatment enhanced innate antioxidant activity in experimental acetaminophen toxicity.
29 Azlan Jaafar Jurnal 2015 Arvind G. Martin, Johari Yap Abdullah, Abdul Rahman Izaini Ghani, Zainul A. Rajion, Jafri Malin Abdullah.  Addition of zygomatic arch resection in decompressive craniectomy.
30 Haslinda Ramli Jurnal (Q1) 2015 RD Vaithilingam, SH Safii, NA Baharuddin, LP Karen-Ng, R Saub, F Ariffin,  A Sharifuddin, MFH Hidayat, R Raman, YK Chan, NA Rani, RA Rahim, N Shahruddin, SC Cheong, PM Bartold, RB Zain Review article: Establishing and managing a periodontal biobank for research: the sharing experience.
31 Aspalilah Alias  Jurnal 2015 FAIZAH OTHMAN, ABDUL RASHID LI, AQILAH KAMARUDDIN, RAFIZUL YUSOF & FARIDA HUSSAN Supplementation of Psidium guajava (Guava) Fruit Polysaccharide AttenuatesParacetamol-induced Liver Injury by Enhancing the Endogenous Antioxidant Activity
32 Tine Martina Winarti Conference Proceeding 2015    Relatioship of Forward Head Posture towards Temporomandibular Disorders
33 Aws Hashim Al-Khadim Conference Proceeding 2015  Zainul Ahmed, Normaliza Ab Malik Morphology of Maxillary First Molars Analyzed by Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Among Malaysian: Variations in the number of roots and canals and the incidence of fusion.
34 Azrul Hafiz Abdul Aziz Journal 2015 Diana Mat Zahid, Fitri Octavianti A, Syiral Mastura, Ainuddin Yushar Yusuf, Zurairah Ibrahim.   Comparison between molar bands, bondable tubes and bondable tubes with flowable composite.
35 Fitri Octavianti Conference Proceeding/ Jurnal 2015  N. A. Ab Mutalib, Irwandi J., R. Akmeliawati, Adi R., Azrul Hafiz A.A. Rapid Method for Detection of Ethanol Content in Mouthwash Using Locally Fabricated Portable Electronic Nose. Presented at Scientific Cooperation Medical Workshop.
36 Tine Martina Winarti Proceeding 2015 Nur Amirah Ab Aziz, Nurul A'mirah Ahmad Lotfi Comparative Efficacy of Disinfectants Routinely Used in USIM Dental Polyclinic against Staphylococcus Aureus.
37 Normaliza A. Malik Journal  2015 Muneer G. Babar*1, Syed S. Hasan2, Yong J. Ooi3, Syed I. Ahmed4, Pei S.    Wong4, Siti F. Ahmad5, Nik M. MNM-Rosdy6 Perceived sources of stress among Malaysian dental students
38 Normaliza A. Malik Proceeding 2015 Lam OL, Yatim SM, Jin LJ, Yatim SM, McGrath C. Oral Hygiene Care for Stroke Patients - Importance of Guidelines, Training and Resources.
  Dr. Aspalilah Alias Jurnal  2015 Fatma Ayuni Mohd Rasdi, Dr.  Adi Rahmadsyah  Prevalence of Latex Glove Hypersensitivity among Dental Personnel in Dental Polyclinic of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (A Questionnaire Based