The Faculty of Dentistry offers a five-year undergraduate educational programme. Graduating students of the faculty will be conferred with degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery, BDS (USIM). Students of FPg are selected from those who have achieved good grades in USIM's Tamhidi (Matriculation Centre), a one-year course after SPM.

The first academic session commenced in July 2007/ 2008 with the intake of 29 pioneer students.The faculty is currently located at level 15, 16 and 17 of Tower B, MPAJ Building. Each level is equipped with  essential equipments for teaching-learning for preclinical and clinical phase such as dental units, x-rays, simulator and dental benches.The holistic student development is the main focus of USIM and will be an important strategic thrust of the faculty. Fostering a Balanced Professional in Dentistry is the motto of Faculty of Dentistry, USIM.The student will be exposed to a variety of activities to enhance their competency, soft skill, confidence and most important of all internalising the Islamic value.