Taaruf Session with New Dental Students 2017/2018

On 14th September 2017, a taaruf session for new dental students 2017/2018 was successfully held at the Faculty of Dentistry USIM. A total of 35 students from various academic and social backgrounds had registered as our new dental students. The Taaruf Session was held to introduce them to the faculty members including both academicians and administrative staffs in order to facilitate them with their daily campus live. 


The session started at 2.00 pm with short briefing from Dr. Ainuddin Yushar Yusof, our Deputy Dean (Student Development & Performace Management) Y and followed by welcoming speech from the Dean, Prof. Madya Dr. Haslinda Ramli. Subsequently, the highlight of the session followed where every faculty staff and the students introduced themselves stating their name and hometown. It is hope that the sessions will initiate the bonding of ukhwah. May all the students strive through towards success as a well balanced dentist.

Happy Retirement En Yaacob after 11 years service

Today is the day we are marking En Yaacob Mohd Khatib’s retirement. In some ways, this is a sad day for us because we are losing an excellent colleague. En. Yaacob has been with the faculty nearly 11 years. He was hired as a dental technologist and over the years had helped make this faculty for what is it right now. Now, he is retiring and we will miss the “friendly but strict” En. Yaacob that we come to expect and rely on. En. Yaacob will be missed for sure and we all know that.

It is a privilege for us to have you as a colleague. You have helped us, the academicians, dental technologies and students through your guidance and experiences. It has been our pleasure to know you and to work with you. Good luck and all the best En. Yaacob. We wish you well and thank you again for your many years of service.


It is the time for you…

To look back with pride and satisfaction on years well-lived…

And look forward to all the things you’re yet to enjoy!

Congratulations and best wishes on your retirement, En Yaacob!

Novel REsearch & Innovation Competition Award Dentolight

Novel Research and Innovation Competition 2017 (NRIC) was held in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) from 15th August 2017 to 17th August 2017. Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) brought home 1 gold, 1 Special Award (Best Presenter Award), 1 silver and 2 bronze out of 6 entries.

The Double Layered Roof Cooling system that participated under Technology Engineering Category won the gold prizes whilst one of the team member Ms. Ainul Husna Yusoff managed to bring home Special Award  (Best Presenter Award).  Other prize-winning products were YAMME  which earned silver prizes under Social Transformation and Creative Art category while Qalam Khat earned bronze prizes under the same category. Dentolight which participated under Medical and Health Sciences category also won bronze prizes. Two other products that also entered the competition are Al-Quran Waterproof and Fiqh for Disabled Person.