List of Publication 2014

No. Name Type of Publication Publication Co-author Title
1 Arunkumar Sundaram Journal indexed RNA 20:4, 1-10 Chris M. Grant  A single inhibitory upstream open reading freame (uORF) is sufficient to regulate Candida albicans GCN4 Translation inresponse to amino acid starvation condition
2 Dr Haslinda Ramli Journal indexed World Applied Scienced Journal 30: 360-364, 2014
ISSN 1818-4952
Dr Norlela Yacob dan Dr Rasidah Ayob Aesthetic correction of bony defect with multidisciplinary approach: A case Study
3 Dr Haslinda Ramli Journal indexed World Applied Scienced Journal 30: 366-369, 2014
ISSN 1818-4952
Dr Azrul Hafiz Abdul Aziz Esthetic consideration in conjunction with periodontics and orthodontics approaches in Class III Gingival Recession: A case report
4 Arunkumar Sundaram Journal indexed Fungal Genet. Biol (2014)
Chris M. Grant  Oxidant-Specific Regulation of Protein Synthesis in Candida albicans
5 Nadia Halib Journal indexed European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
M.C.I. Mohd Amin I. Ahmad,M. Abrami S. Fiorentino  R. Farra  G. Grassi  F. Musiani  R. Lapasin, M. Grassi   Topological characterization of a bacterial cellulose–acrylic acid polymeric matrix
6 Normaliza Ab. Malik Journal indexed International Journal of Asian Social Science : Special issue, International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Education, 2013
A Hamid Mohamad, Grant Clement Townsend, Saari Mohamad Yatim dan Siti Nur Rasyidah Md Ramli Perceptions Of The First Dental Graduates From USIM On Their Competence
7 Dr Nalisha Ramli   Indexed Journal Int Journal of current research Vol 6 (9) : pg 8492-8500
ISSN: 0975-833X
Dr Siti Mazlipah Ismail Outcome of alveolar bone grafting in cleft lip and palate patients-the recipient site assessment
8  Dr Fitri Octavianti Article  JOURNAL OF OLEO SCIENCE   Cytotoxicity and Inhibition of Nitric Oxide inLipopolysaccharide Induced Mammalian Cell Lines byAqueous Extracts of Brown Seaweed
9 Dr Fitri Octavianti  Article  JOURNAL OF OLEO SCIENCE   Effects of Season and Storage Period onAccumulation of Individual Carotenoids in PumpkinFlesh (Cucurbita moschata)
10 Dr Haslinda Ramli Book USIM Publisher
ISBN 978-967-440-073-6
Wan Mohamad Nasir Wan Othman Essentials of Instrument and Instrumentations in periodontal examination
11 Dr Haslinda Ramli  Article in Press  Oral Diseases    Establishing and managing a periodontal biobank for research: The sharing of experience 
12 Prof. Dato' Dr. Wan Muhammad Nasir Wan Othman Book   Dr A. Hamid, Dr Norlela, Dr Haslinda, Dr Aspalilah Alias Conceptual framework for integration of naqli and aqli knowledge in dental undergraduates curriculum
13 Dr. Azlan Jaafar Journal International Medical Journal Johari Yap Abdullah, Mary Chieng Ching Ru, Lee Geok Fong, Abdullah Ponchi, Zainul Ahmad Rajion. Volumetric Assessment of Ameloblastoma Applying Open Source Software and ABC/2 Estimation Technique.
14 Dr. Nazatul Sabariah Ahmad Journal International Journal of Advances in Image ProcessingTechniques. Volume 1 Issue. 2. 2014.  Razali M.R.M.,Zaki. Z.M., Ismail. W. Dental Age Assessment for Forensic Identification Using OTSU and Watershed Algorithm.
15 Dr. Nazatul Sabariah Ahmad Journal Computer, Communication and Control Technology (I4CT) International Conference. Sept. 2014. Pp 353-356. ISBN:978-1-4799-4566-6. doi:10.1109/I4CT.2014.6914204 Razali M.R.M.,Zaki. Z.M., Ismail. W. Region of adaptive threshold segmentation between mean, median and otsu threshold for dental age assessment.
16 Dr. Nazatul Sabariah Ahmad Proceeding 5th Exposition on Islamic Innovation 2014. 28th – 30th November 2014. Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia.  Wan Mohamad Nasir Wan Othman, Wan Nor Syariza Wan Ali, Waidah Ismail, Sakinah Mohd Saleh eDentist: A Database System for Demirjian’s Dental Age assessment.