List of Research 2014

No Researcher Name Co Researcher Title Grant  Year Started
1. Dr Nadia Halib Dr Haslinda Ramli Prof Ishak Ahmad (UKM) Prof Mario Graassi (Italy)

Role odf siwak (salvadora persica) in plaque removal using 3D simulation model.

FRGS/1/2014/SG06/USIM/02/1 Kod USIM: USIM/FRGS/FPg/32/50414

USIM 2014
2. Dr Diana Md Zahid Dr Azrul Hafiz Ab Aziz Cik Salmi Md Zahid

The relationship between the skeletal age and the chronological age among patents attending Orthodontics Clinic of The Faculty Of Dentistry,


USIM 2014
3. Dr Ahmad Dzulfikar Samsudin Dr Nor Azura Ahmad Tarmidzi Dr Nalisha Mohemed Ramli

The prevalence of the mesioangularly impacted wisdom tooth with the occurence of distal caries in the second molar


USIM 2014
4. Dr Nalisha Mohamed Ramli Dr Nor Azura Ahmad Tarmidzi Dr Ahmad Dzulfikar Samsudin

Medical emergencies in non hospital based private dental practice in Petaling District of Selangor


USIM 2014
5. Dr Siti Aisyah Abd Ghaffar Pn Norsharina Ismail (UPM) Dr Yong Yoke Keong (UPM) Dr Zolkapli Eshak (UiTM) En Zulfahmi Said

Chemopreventive Properties of ClinacanthusnNutans L leaves extracts againts Precancerous Oral Cancel Cell Lines.

USIM/RAGS/FPG/36/50614 RAGS/1/2014/SKK03/USIM/1

RAGS 2014