List of Research 2015

No Researcher Name Co Researcher Title Grant  Year Started
1. Dr Wan Nur Alwani Wan Abdul Aziz Dr Ahmad Dzulfikar

Effects of impacted lower thord molar removal on alveolar bone height and Clinical Attachment level ofadjacent second molar.


USIM 2015
2. Dr Nurjehan Mohamed Ibrahim Dr Siti Aisyah Abd Ghafar, Dr Aspalilah Alias, Rohazila Mohamad Hanfiah

Antibacterial properties of holothurida atra (sea cucumber) extracts againts steptococus mutans in dental caries formation.


USIM 2015
3. Dr Tine Martine Winarti Dr Wan Nor Syariza, Dr Norlela Yacob

Assessment quality of life using geritric oral health assessment index (gohai) in complete denture patients before and after six months post-insertion by USIM’s Dental Student.


USIM 2015