Community engagement ‘Jelajah Sukarelawan 2018 Fakulti Pergigian USIM’

//Community engagement ‘Jelajah Sukarelawan 2018 Fakulti Pergigian USIM’

SEREMBAN, November 25, 2018 – Another community outreach ‘Jelajah Sukarelawan 2018 Fakulti Pergigian USIM’ event was held at Balai Taman Desa Rhu, Sikamat, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. The programme was officiated by the 11th Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan, Encik Aminuddin Harun.  A group of students from Dental Student Club (DSC) represented the Faculty and were assisted by a team of staff and specialists. As well as dental check-ups, attending participants were able to engage in a variety of activities that included archery, a colouring contest and traditional games.

The purpose of this ongoing programme is to give back to the community by providing dental examinations and educate the community in the importance of good oral hygiene. The activity also encourages development of communication skills with the public among students and provides valuable experience in community event organisation.