VISION, MISSION & OBJECTIVE 2023-09-25T19:19:14+00:00

Upholding excellence in the field of dentistry for meaningful contribution to society, nation and mankind.

To become a leading institution that integrates Islamic values in acquisition and propagation of knowledge in dentistry for promotion of oral health to achieve well-being of individuals and harmony of society.

The objective of the Faculty of Dentistry, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia is to produce graduates, qualified for safe and independent practice of dentistry, with the following attributes:

  • Scientifically knowledgeable
  • Technically competent
  • Biologically oriented
  • Respect human dignity
  • Socially sensitive
  • Ethically responsible
  • Professionally accountable
  • Effective team member
  • Life-long learner
  • Uphold the principles of oneness of God